Very happy with the jobs done by REDO JEWELLERY by Sapna Khandelwal.. I highly recommend all their services..

Rachna Wadhwa

I recommend that you use their services. I was very happy with the repair jobs done by them also.

Anju Jain

Went to the jeweller to get the pc repaired that I bought from him. He told me it was and unrepairable !!! I was pretty heart broken..I could not find the right place for repair for my jewellery. A friend recommended that I visit REDO JEWELLERY by Sapna Khandelwal.. Very proffessional approach, warm welcome and outstanding repair job..

Neelima Mohan

What a Fabulous RE-DO of my grand moms vintage set.. The set hasnt been worn for years !!!! After REDO , I wore it 5 times in the same year !!

Alka Jain

WDidn't want to leave my 5 ct diamond for setting in it's mount, with a jeweller. When I heard about the Supervised Solitaire Setting service by REDO JEWELLERY by Sapna Khandelwal, I walked in with an appointment. Was delighted with the beautiful diamond setting in the comfort of their studio

Monica Pahwa

Some of my jewellery lay unused in my locker for years as I thought they were too old fashioned and out dated. Sapna ji changed the entire look and feel of those same pcs very very creatively ...and reasonably... the result was magical !! I just love their 'No Melting - Only REDO' service..

Anju Goel

From 1 pc of my jewellery, REDO JEWELLERY by Sapna Khandelwal made 3 pcs of exquisit jewellery... From my unworn hathphool she made 3 sets, one each for my daughter, daughter in law and me !!! We were astonished by their awesome creativity and exquisite workmanship of their skilled karigars

Sita Gupta

At the time of my wedding, I was gifted a gold vintage set by my nani, belonging to her dadi !!!! Though I loved my nani, I was unable to wear it as it didn't quite appeal to me. I heard of REDO Jewellery by Sapna Khandelwal, walked in with my vintage set. I was given many options along with various price points. We finalised a design mutually.. After 3 weeks, when I went to collect it, I had tears in my eyes.. it had turned out very beautiful and gorgeous. Upon trying it at the studio, I could feel my Nani's arms around me !!

Shivika Garg

Was very happy with the patua services at REDO Jewellery by Sapna Khandelwal in the air conditioned studio.. I wonder, why didn't I hear of them before..It is such a disaster to go to the crowded markets and sit on the road side to get patua work done !!

Rashmi Vaidlingam

Have not heard of any jeweller, who is willing to do jewellery repairs. I was pretty worked up, when my vintage Basra pearl necklace broke !! Didn't know, what to do.. Then, I heard about REDO Jewellery by Sapna Khandelwal. Walked in with an appointment...Very happy with the reasonable and nice job done by them. I highly recommend their services !!

Arti Sheopuri